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NYC baby photographer does family portraits

Welcome to Mary Jane Photography. With over 11 years of experience photographing families, children and babies, Mary Jane has become one of the top NYC baby photographer choices. Her professional, yet relaxed style puts children at ease right away in front of the camera. Her New York baby photography is not conducted in a formal studio; instead she travels to homes, playgrounds, parks or backyards to photograph kids in a comfortable, natural setting. It is not about the props and outfits, but more about capturing smiles, giggles, and natural expressions while children have fun. As a mother of two, this NYC baby photographer knows how to interact and work with children of all ages.

New York baby photography sitting specials

Since photo shoots are scheduled outside of a studio location, a special discount is offered for friends for family photography in New York City, who schedule sittings for the same day, and who live in the same vicinity. The second sitting is offered at half price. This is a great way to get families together or groups of friends in New York. Baby photography sessions usually last 1-3 hours. During this time as many photos are shot as possible; editing is done at a later time. This allows for many pictures to choose from.

Mary Jane also does headshots and artist covers for CDs. She has worked with top modeling companies and with large record labels and artists. Weddings and special events are also photographed by Mary Jane. Check out some of the images in our online galleries to get an idea of the style and type of work she does.

Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery
Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery

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