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With hundreds of photographers to choose from, how will you find the best one to document a special day? New York wedding photography is something anyone can claim to do, but how good will the photos be? Choosing a highly experienced professional New York wedding photographer may cost a little more, but will be well worth it in the long run. Mary Jane has more than 11 years of experience shooting weddings, families, children, babies, and corporate events. She has worked with top fashion and modeling companies and has also shot album and CD covers for musicians and artists. Now a resident of New York, wedding photography is a large part of what she photographs. Her relaxed, yet professional attitude makes sessions fun and non-intrusive. The last thing any couple needs on their big day is a pushy New York wedding photographer.

New York wedding photographer captures expressions

Mary Jane focuses on family, children and wedding photography. New York and surrounding locations, within reasonable travel distance, are where she works. You can choose the location of your photo shoot. Popular locations include:

  • Apartments
  • Backyards
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Beaches

You are invited to take a look at some our gallery showcasing wedding photography. New York residents can also see some of Mary Jane's works in selected Target stores, as she has been a featured photographer on Runway Moms, a Discovery Health Channel.

Wedding photography, New York city locations

A typical sitting runs about 1-3 hours and during this time as many photos are shot as possible. No editing is done during the photo shoot; this is all done after and final pictures are then presented to clients. There are several pricing options available that do not force you to purchase a certain number of photos, or to spend a certain dollar amount. Many firms will keep possession of film until a threshold has been met; we don't believe in doing that. If you want to have access to all your photos, with no strings attached, you can choose to pay a flat sitting fee and get all the pics on a high resolution photo CD. The images on the CD have been touched up and are ready for printing.

Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery
Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery

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