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At Mary Jane Photography you will find that we focus on capturing the special moments of children, babies, families and monumental events like weddings. There are lots of photographers in NYC to choose from, and for unique portraits, more and more people are choosing to work with Mary Jane for:

  • Family Portraits
  • Birth Announcements
  • Parties
  • Headshots
  • Weddings

A New York photographer with over 11 years of experience, Mary Jane knows how to get the best shots on film. As a mother of two children, she also knows how to engage children of all ages, and to work quickly before the fun of the shoot begins to wear off. You don't have to drag the kids into a studio to work with one of the best photographers in NYC; you choose the location of the shoot. It can be at your home, in your backyard, at a park or just about anywhere. Choosing a setting that is familiar and comfortable often renders the best photos. Mary Jane is known for being a New York photographer who focuses on each subject and on capturing the best expressions that reflect that person.

New York photographer for portraits

Regardless of where you choose to have your pictures taken, Mary Jane will bring everything needed to get the perfect light for shooting. A session usually lasts 1-3 hours and during this time Mary Jane shoots as many photos as possible to get every smile, laugh, giggle and expression. All photos are "edited" at a later time. During a shoot, the focus is on getting as many great photos taken. Several great packages are available to choose from, and friends or families who live nearby can get a great discount by scheduling shoots on the same day.

Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery
Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery

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