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There are hundreds of photographers ready to shoot your next family photo or event. What sets apart from all the others out there? For family photography, New York City is home to Mary Jane, who specializes in capturing unique, intimate moments that you won't find from many other photographers. An experienced NYC baby photographer with over 11 years of experience, and a mother of two children, Mary Jane is a baby photographer in New York who knows how to shoot photos in a comfortable, relaxed setting that will capture the essence of each individual she photographs. There is no stuffy studio with fake props and canned smiles in her family photography. New York City is full of wonderful places to shoot photos - parks, playgrounds, statues, even your own home. All of these locations are where you will find Mary Jane at work. People tend to be most relaxed in comfortable settings, and this is the type of photos that best express the essence that will come across on film.

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Mary Jane also specializes in New York wedding photography. New York can be expensive enough for the entire event, so picking a pricing package is easy. It should not be stressful to choose and afford great wedding photography. New York and surrounding areas are within easy travel distance, which is included in the package pricing. All the moments, big and small, from the day will be caught on film. Both brides and grooms will appreciate the relaxed style of Mary Jane's NYC wedding photography. The goal is to carry on about the day without noticing a photographer looming in the background.

Take a few minutes to browse the sampling of work by Mary Jane. She can photograph just about any event imaginable, and even works with artists, musicians and models as well. She has done headshots and fashion work for top modeling companies. Her work is also seen on numerous album covers and with major labels. Her talent and professionalism have earned her a spot as one of the most sought after photographers in the area.

Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery
Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery

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