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Your session with me is above all FUN! Having and raising children can be stressful, difficult, trying and on some days enough to literally make you want to pull your hair out (if you don't lose it first from stress) and drink very heavily. We are not shooting these moments!

I have two small children of my own and when I arrive, I bring a big smile, lots of laughs and a relaxed attitude about everything. Believe me - this is infectious! Babies and children react positively to this attention. The light I bring and camera is really cool and kids love it. This is a special day - and they can feel it.

I welcome outfit changes. Keep it simple, comfortable and natural. I don't shoot clothes - I shoot faces, expressions and moments. I also welcome scenerio changes (ie: the park, the bedroom, the backyard). Any place that children love.

I shoot fast and furious and I don't waste time. I capture everything and edit later.

I don't believe in "hijacking" clients film. If you have every been married - you know what I mean. I have been shooting families and babies, fashion and weddings for 13 years and I have come up with a very affordable, professional, convenient and effective way to shoot where everyone benefits.

For any further questions or concerns about you day of shooting-- contact me anytime!

Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery
Mary Jane Photography Baby Gallery

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